High pressure decorative laminate is a hugely versatile surfacing material which can be flat bonded onto a range of substrates or postformed creating seamless profiles.

Durable, decorative and easy to clean, the inherent properties of laminate have ensured its widespread use in domestic, commercial and leisure applications.

There is a vast array of surface finishes with which to shape your perfect interior space. Choose from tactile metallics, exotic woodgrains and a spectrum of plain colours. Or if you want something entirely bespoke, you can commission a digitally or screen printed design or corporate logo exactly to your brief.

What is Decorative Laminate

High pressure laminate can be described as a thermosetting composite sheet that has been subjected to high temperature and pressure to form an irreversible chemical bond between the specific layers.

Layers of brown ‘kraft paper’ make up the underside of the laminate which are impregnated with Phenolic resins. When fully cured these layers provide strength, rigidity and grade performance, i.e. postforming, flame retardant or standard.

The ‘decorative paper’ normally found on one side only is impregnated with melamine resin, this provides a very hard wearing and easily maintained surface. Some patterns will also be produced using an additional layer known as an overlay which is also impregnated with melamine resin.

Textures can be applied to the surface during the pressing process by means of steel plates or high density paper foils.

Sheets are produced in a wide range of sizes and thickness but usually range them between 0.6mm and 1.3mm. ‘Compact’ sheets are designed to be self supporting and differ from conventional laminates by virtue of having a decorative surface on both sides. They are produced in a range of thicknesses from 3mm to 30mm.

High pressure laminates are tested in accordance with BS EN 438-1 1991.

Cubicles & Vanity Units


The washroom environment is where laminate has established a major hold in its use on cubicles and vanity units. The availability of laminate in large sheet sizes reduces the need for jointing on partition walls as well as allowing the fabrication of integrated up-stands and down-drop edges on to vanity units. This gives the product a hygienic and aesthetic dimension to add to its easy maintenance appeal in a busy environment.

Solid grade laminate for cubicles, in thicknesses up to 20mm, offers enhanced wear resistance and the ability to cope with frequent wetting e.g. shower areas.



Laminate is an excellent surfacing material for doors, offering impact resistance and hygienic, easy maintenance characteristics.

The high level of durability afforded by the product makes it perfect for schools, leisure centres and offices. And taking public safety into account. Laminate doors can be fabricated to provide up to 1 hour fire rating.

Interior Wall Lining Systems


Laminate wall panelling offers a durable, easy to install and easy to maintain solution to interior wall linings in offices, shops and leisure centres. Wall-panels can be fabricated postformed with curved edge, square edged with a range of lippings or installed as flat bonded panels with a T section. Panels can be manufactured to meet Class O and Class 1 Building Regulations.

Retail & Display


Laminate is a staple product of the shopfitting sector. The product’s wide decorative appeal in reflecting interior trends in plain colours, metallics and woodgrains, combined with the benefit of durability makes it a hit with designers and shopfitters alike.

The product can be used for counters, shelving systems, interior and exterior doors and corporate signage.

Worksurfaces & Furniture


The use of laminate on horizontal work-surfaces such as tables and kitchen worktops is where laminate made its name!

Kitchen work-surfaces have firmly established themselves in the domestic sector as a design-led item featuring high gloss textures and sophisticated decorative prints.

Within the commercial sector, laminate is ideal for catering, hospital and educational furniture. And for the laboratory environment, it can be manufactured to offer resistance to chemicals.

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