About the BLFA

The British Laminate Fabricator’s Association offers an assured source of supply for fabricated components using high pressure decorative laminate.

The BLFA has been established for more than 50 years and is the only recognised trade association representing the laminate fabrication industry in the UK and promoting best working practice among specifiers and fabricators. Our members specialise in the fabrication of laminated components including cubicle systems and vanity units, flat bonded panels, shelving, furniture components and doors. The BLFA is a national association and we supply to a range of market sectors from construction, furniture, shop-fitting and transport.

Once laminate was stuck onto table tops in Fifties American diners, its fate was sealed as a popular surfacing material. The huge popularity of this bright and funky product was put down to a backlash to the colour deprived dreariness of the war years. But its enduring popularity into the next millennium is down to its appeal as a versatile, inexpensive and durable surface material. As its popularity began to soar, the BLFA was founded to further develop the applications and uses of the product, as well as set a quality standard for laminate fabrication.

The Association has successfully built on these principles and provides a Code of Practice that is a comprehensive technical manual governing the use and fabrication of laminate. Regarded as the ‘technical fabrication bible’, it is little wonder that it is widely respected throughout the industry by members, specifiers and professional organisations.

Over the years the BLFA has developed its remit to respond to the dynamics of a changing industry – taking account of new product developments, fabrication techniques and market changes. But it remains true to its core principle: the promotion and understanding of quality laminate fabrication.

From washroom cubicles to wall panelling, from worktops to bonded panels and from doors to retail counters, all products are supplied to the highest standards of laminate fabrication as stated in BS4965, the British Standard for veneered boards and panels.